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Excel workbook You can import data from an Excel workbook saved in SharePoint
the same way you would if it were saved on disk. You can refer to the “Loading from
Excel Files” section in this chapter and simply use the path to the library that contains
the Excel file that you want. Remember that importing data from SharePoint (including
Excel workbooks) makes it possible to refresh data of a PowerPivot model published
on SharePoint; you cannot refresh that PowerPivot model published on SharePoint if
the data is imported from a file stored on a local disk, which is not available after the
PowerPivot model is published on SharePoint.
PowerPivot model embedded into an Excel workbook If an Excel workbook contains
a PowerPivot model, you can choose to extract data from the model by querying it.
Working this way, you do not make a copy of the tables of that model. Instead, you query
the model published on SharePoint and get a copy of just the result of that query. To do
that, you can follow the same steps described in the “Loading from Analysis Services”
section earlier in this chapter, with the only difference that you use the complete path
to the published Excel file instead of the name of an Analysis Services server. (You do not
have a Browse help tool; you probably need to copy and paste the complete URL from a
browser.) A complete demonstration of how to use this feature is included in Chapter 9,
“PowerPivot DAX Patterns.”
SharePoint List Any data included in a SharePoint List can be exported as a Data Feed.
So you can use the same instructions described in the preceding “Loading from a Report”
and “Loading from a Data Feed” sections.
In Figure 5-49, you can see an example of the user interface that enables you to export a
SharePoint List as a Data Feed. The Export As Data Feed button is highlighted. When you click
it, an .atomsvc file downloads and you see the same user interface previously shown for reports
in Figure 5-37.
FIguRE 5-49 The Export As Data Feed feature in a SharePoint List.
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