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FIguRE 6-22 Browse data without a filter.
Whenever you make a selection on the Continent Slicer, you also define a filter context on the
Cities table that immediately propagates its effects on related tables. In fact, you are making
a filter on a lookup table, and this implies that all the tables that have a relationship with that
lookup table are also filtered. In our example, the Orders table has a relationship with the Cities
table, which contains the Continent column. If you select the North America member, only the
row with New York is filtered in the Cities table, and this propagates to the Orders table by
filtering only the rows corresponding to New York.
Figure 6-23 illustrates the behavior of the filter context defined by the selection of the North
America member in the Continent slicer. The rows in the PowerPivot tables that are included
in the filter context are highlighted through a box. Notice that the Channel Slicer is also affected
by this filter context because even if there are two members visible and selected (Store and
Internet), only Store is colored and Internet is grayed; in fact, in the current filter context, there
are no rows in the Orders table that are active in the filter context.
FIguRE 6-23 Filter context defined by the selection of the North America continent.
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