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FIguRE 6-35 Double filter on Large (slicer) and Small (CALCULATE) returns an empty QtyGreenSmall.
Our filter of the Size column in the CALCULATE expression is actually restricting the current
selection and is not replacing it. Nevertheless, if you apply the filter just on Size, without the
filter on Color, you have this QtySmall measure definition:
CALCULATE( SUM( Orders[Quantity] ),
Orders[Size] = "Small" )
It produces the result in Figure 6-36, which replaces the Large selection of the slicer of the
FIguRE 6-36 The QtySmall measure overrides the Large selection on the Size Slicer.
This last calculation (QtySmall) is simple to explain because it exhibits the same behavior you
saw before with the first QtyGreen measure, wherein the filter of the color Green replaced
any existing color selection in the PivotTable. The difference in the QtyGreenSmall calculation
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