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Then in the bottom-right corner of the cell containing the 1/1/2001 date (which is highlighted
in Figure 7-2), you can drag down until you reach the date of 12/31/2004, as you can see in
Figure 7-3.
FIguRE 7-3 Selecting end range for creating a Dates table in Excel.
At this point, you can release the mouse. You just created a list of all the days included from
the beginning of 2001 to the end of 2004. Now you can click the Date cell, click the Format
As Table button on the Home tab of the ribbon, and then confirm that your table has headers,
as you can see in Figure 7-4.
FIguRE 7-4 Confirming the range of the Table and confirming that your table has headers.
In Figure 7-5, you can see how to give the Calendar name to the table by using the text box
available on the Design tab of the Table Tools contextual tab of the Excel ribbon and how to
start adding new columns by right-clicking a cell in the table and selecting the InsertTable
Column To The Right item from the Insert context menu.
In Figure 7-6, you can see how to define a formula in an empty cell of the new column to
calculate the Year. After you type =YEAR( , you can click the Date column to get the right syntax
to read that column, as shown in Figure 7-6.
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