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FIguRE 7-10 Create a relationship between the SalesOrderHeader and OrderDate tables.
At this point, the model is ready to browse data, as you saw at the beginning of this chapter,
in Figure 7-1.
Working with Multiple Dates Tables
In the model you saw in the previous section, each Order has several dates. In case you want
to analyze not only the Order Date but also the Ship Date, you need to define a second table
in PowerPivot because the same table (that is, the Dates table) cannot have more than one
relationship with a given table (SalesOrderHeader).
At this point, you have two options. You can either create a new linked table starting from the
same table you used before (shown in Figure 7-8) or copy that table into Excel and create the
linked table starting from this copy. The first option is not the best one because in PowerPivot
you can have only one linked table for a given Excel table. If you try to create a linked table
starting from the same Calendar table you defined before, the warning message shown in
Figure 7-11 appears.
FIguRE 7-11 A warning against trying to create a linked table for an Excel table already used as a linked table.
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