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FIguRE 7-14 Fixing the error in LinkedTable by selecting the correct underlying Excel table.
Now you can copy the OrderDate table in Excel into a new one that we call ShipDate. You
might do this by selecting the whole table, copying it, and then pasting it into an empty space
of your Excel workbook. However, another option is to use a single dedicated Excel worksheet
for each table like these so that you can simply duplicate the worksheet into a new one. In this
way, whenever you need to add columns or rows to the table, you never have to move other
existing tables. Moreover, tables are easily accessible when you click the corresponding
worksheet name in Excel.
To create a copy of the worksheet containing the OrderDate table, you have to right-click
the OrderDate label and select Move Or Copy from the context menu that you can see in
Figure 7-15.
FIguRE 7-15 Choosing Move Or Copy from the context menu.
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