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The selection displays the dialog box shown in Figure 7-16, in which you have to select the
Create A Copy check box and choose the position of the new sheet.
FIguRE 7-16 Selecting the option to create a copy of the worksheet to place at the end of the list.
At this point, you rename both the table (using the same procedure you saw already in Figure
7-12) and the worksheet (by right-clicking on the OrderDate (2) label and then selecting Rename
from the context menu that you can see in Figure 7-17); you use the new ShipDate name.
FIguRE 7-17 The Rename option in the context menu.
Finally, you can create a linked table for the ShipDate table by clicking the Create Linked Table
button on the PowerPivot ribbon. Again, you have to create a relationship in PowerPivot
between the SalesOrderHeader and ShipDate tables, by using the ShipDate column of the
SalesOrderHeader table this time, as you can see in Figure 7-18.
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