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Broken Relationships After Columns Are Renamed
Renaming a column that is part of a relationship breaks that relationship. For example,
if you try to update the linked tables after renaming the Date columns, you receive the
error message shown in Figure 7-21. The existing relationships were based on a column
(Date) that does not exist anymore.
FIguRE 7-21 Relationships lost when a column is renamed.
In this example, you need to re-create the relationships between SalesOrderHeader
and the OrderDate and ShipDate tables (through the columns OrderDate and ShipDate,
respectively). In Figure 7-22, you can see the definition of the relationship for OrderDate;
the one for ShipDate simply uses the corresponding names for the lookup table name
and columns used to define the relationships.
FIguRE 7-22 Recreating relationships by using the new lookup column name.
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