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Tip Remember that the || operator corresponds to the OR Boolean operator, which also can be
written using the OR function, both in PowerPivot and Excel.
Finally, you can browse data with the right calculation of WorkingDays, according to the Holidays
table we included in the model. In Figure 7-31, you can see the resulting PivotTable, which you can
find along with the complete model in the CH07-05-WorkingDays-HolidaysTable.xlsx workbook
included on the companion DVD.
FIguRE 7-31 The PivotTable showing final results using the Holidays table support.
Another common calculation involving working days is the delta between two dates. For
example, in the SalesOrderHeader table of the model used in this chapter, there are three
dates, which you can also see in Figure 7-32:
OrderDate: The date of the order
DueDate: When the customer expects the order to be delivered
ShipDate: The date of order shipment
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