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Working with PivotTables in PowerPivot
Standard PivotTables are good tools. Nevertheless, to let you analyze more complex data,
Microsoft introduced the so-called self-service BI . The goal of this technology is to let you
build complex data structures and analyze them with pivot tables, removing the current
limitations of the PivotTable. PowerPivot is the first tool available from Microsoft to handle
self-service BI.
PowerPivot enables you to analyze data without needing to contact IT staff to produce
complex queries. Further, it removes the limitation that a PivotTable can analyze only a single
table. You want to be able to query more tables at the same time, producing reports that
easily integrate information coming from different sources.
Working with the AdventureWorks Sample Database
To provide examples, we use the AdventureWorks database throughout this topic. We
have chosen AdventureWorks because it is a well-known database, freely available on the
Web, and contains sample data that you can easily use for complex analysis. The
database contains information about AdventureWorks Cycles, which is a large, multinational,
fictitious company that manufactures and sells metal and composite bicycles to North
American, European, and Asian commercial markets.
You can download the AdventureWorks database from
SqlServerSamples , where you will find different versions of the database, depending
on the release of SQL Server that you have installed. If you do not have SQL Server on
your computer, you can use the Microsoft Access version of AdventureWorks that is
provided on the companion DVD. Moreover, all the demos in this topic are available
on the companion DVD as Excel workbooks. So you can follow most of the examples
even if you do not have access to a database.
Moreover, for the interested reader, Microsoft provides sample data in Excel workbooks
that can be used to test PowerPivot at this URL: .
Even if we do not use these files in this topic, you might be interested in loading them
to have some data to perform your tests.
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