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FIguRE 8-6 The Custom Lists dialog box.
The reason for this is that by default PowerPivot uses the sorting provided by the internal
engine, which is not aware of Excel custom lists and always uses alphabetical sorting for
strings, as you can see in Figure 8-7.
FIguRE 8-7 By default, the PivotTable always uses alphabetical sorting.
So you need to do something counterintuitive: you need to tell Excel to sort alphabetically
by month name so that it ignores the sorting provided by the internal engine and uses its
sorting algorithm. Even if you ask Excel to perform an alphabetical sorting, it still searches
its custom lists settings, and because the list of months is present there, it does not perform
an alphabetical sorting but the custom sort. To accomplish this, you need to activate the
menu shown in Figure 8-8 to sort row values.
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