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FIguRE 8-11 Adding a graph greatly increases the expressiveness of a report.
The same report is showing both raw values and a graph that helps you understand how
sales moved over years in each country. Nevertheless, neither graph nor raw values give an
immediate perception of the percentage change in each country.
In a PivotTable, you can use a powerful feature that lets you convert raw values into
percentages and perform several kinds of computation. You can find this feature on the Options tab
of the Excel ribbon, on the Show Values As menu, as you see in Figure 8-12.
You can choose from many different options. We are not going to explain all of them in
detail; our interest is in describing the overall algorithm that is performed by this feature.
When you select one of these options, Excel first queries the PivotTable to get raw results
and then performs a second round of calculations to transform the raw results into ratios,
percentages, running totals, or ranking, depending on your request.
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