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Nevertheless, when it comes to the analysis of weight, the sum of all weights might be not
so interesting; it is generally more useful to analyze the average, minimum, and maximum of
the weights so that you can make decisions based on this information. To get these different
values, you simply need to change the aggregation function.
To change the aggregation function for a measure, you need to click on the column in the ∑
Values pane. From there, you can open a menu in which you select the Summarize By option
and then choose among the various aggregator functions that PowerPivot can compute, as
you can see in Figure 8-16.
FIguRE 8-16 You can select among several aggregator functions for each measure.
You can choose Average, for example, to get the average weight of each shipment. Then, by
adding the same measure to the values, you can choose another aggregation function. In
Figure 8-17, we add the weight three times and have chosen MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE as
the aggregators.
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