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FIguRE 1-8 The PowerPivot window with some tables loaded.
The central pane contains the data and looks very similar to an Excel table inside a
worksheet. Nevertheless, do not be confused: PowerPivot tables are completely different objects
from Excel tables. PowerPivot implements a very fast and space-saving columnar database
that stores tables in memory; it compresses data and uses much less memory than Excel
tables. Moreover, PowerPivot tables can be related to other tables to build complex data
models that can be easily queried with pivot tables.
We spend a lot of pages through the whole topic describing all the features of this window
but, at this time, we want to examine only the basic functionality of PowerPivot. So let us
choose the PivotTable option from the PivotTable button on the ribbon and, when prompted,
let us specify New Worksheet as the target of the pivot table. In Figure 1-9, you can see the
look of the PivotTable working on a PowerPivot database.
FIguRE 1-9 The pivot table on a PowerPivot database.
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