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Using this window you can create, delete, or update set definitions. Moreover, using the New
button, you can create a new set based on rows, columns, or the MDX editor. You already know
what happens with the simpler options of rows and columns, so it is time to go deeper and
choose the new MDX option. Excel opens a new window, which is the MDX Set Editor, shown
in Figure 8-37.
FIguRE 8-37 The MDX Set Editor window.
This window lets you create an MDX expression that queries the PowerPivot OLAP cube in the
PowerPivot database. The PowerPivot database internally creates an OLAP cube based on the
tables and relationships that it holds. The user interface of PowerPivot hides the complexity of
the OLAP cube and so gives you an easy interface that lets you select columns from tables, but
when it comes to computing the values, it converts your selection into an MDX query that it
sends to the internal OLAP cube, which performs all the computations and provides the result.
This OLAP cube is named Sandbox and is completely managed by PowerPivot internally.
Note In Chapter 5, “Loading Data and Models,” we told you that when you want to query an
Excel workbook published on SharePoint that contains PowerPivot data, you need to use the
MDX editor to query the internal OLAP cube. You are now discovering what this cube is.
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