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FIguRE 1-12 If no relationship exists, the result is wrong.
There are two important things to note here:
The result is the same for all the rows, and it is identical with the grand total, no
matter what the color is.
A warning yellow window appeared inside the task pane, warning you that you
need to establish relationships if you want to analyze data using these three tables
What happened here? The source database does not contain the definition of any
relationship between SalesOrderDetail and Products. Because there are no relationships among the
tables, PowerPivot cannot correctly slice values from the detail using the color, which is an
attribute of the product table. This produces both the warning and the result that, regardless
of the color, the same value is always shown.
Because this is a common situation (the fact that the source database lacks some sort
of relationship), PowerPivot provides a sophisticated algorithm that can automatically
detect relationships, even if they are not present in the database. Clicking the Create
button inside the yellow warning icon starts this algorithm. It runs for a few seconds
and then shows the window you see in Figure 1-13.
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