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FIguRE 9-24 The OrdersInPlace measure calculated at a month level.
Sometimes the month calculation you make by using the last day does not satisfy your
requirements. For example, you might need a calculation of the monthly average of the OrdersInPlace
measure calculated on a daily basis. To do that, you can embed the OrdersInPlace measure in
an AVERAGEX call, as in the following definition of OrdersInPlaceDailyAverage:
OrdersInPlaceDailyAverage = AVERAGEX( VALUES( Calendar[Date] ),
Calendar[OrdersInPlace] )
You can observe the differences between the OrdersInPlaceDailyAverage calculation and the
previous one (OrdersInPlace) in Figure 9-25.
FIguRE 9-25 OrdersInPlaceDailyAverage compared to OrdersInPlace.
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