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FIguRE 10-13 You can add the weight as an additional property in the report.
Yet, there are still some problems. The product weight, when you do not have a value for it, is
shown as Unknown, which makes aggregations pretty difficult because this description is not a
number. Moreover, you are interested in the total weight of the order and you cannot
summarize attributes; you can put them in reports, but the PivotTable makes no computations over
them. This is a limitation of the PivotTable when working with OLAP cubes: the distinction
between measures and dimensions is very rigid and cannot be overcome.
Nevertheless, this report seems to contain all the information you need to perform the analysis,
so you might naturally hope that when you import all the data into PowerPivot, you can handle
the information with a much more powerful tool.
Now that you have the report in a PivotTable, you need to reproduce the same query with the
MDX query editor to import data directly from Analysis Services into PowerPivot, as shown in
Figure 10-14.
FIguRE 10-14 The query in the MDX editor to import data in PowerPivot.
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