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FIguRE 10-19 The Orders table, with basic information for analysis.
Now you need to load the order details. You need to add, after the OrderNumber, the OrderLine
number, which makes the query work at the granularity of the single line of the order. Moreover,
because you are going to use only the weight, you can load only the sales order number, the line
number, the weight, and the quantity. Figure 10-20 shows the detail table, with the weight
computed using the 0.75 default, as we showed you, and the TotalWeight computed by a
simple multiplication of the weight by the quantity.
FIguRE 10-20 The order detail table, with some computed columns.
Now it is time to set up the relationship between these two tables by linking the
OrderNumber column of both tables, as you can see from Figure 10-21.
FIguRE 10-21 The relationship between the two tables in the OrderNumber column.
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