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Chapter 11
Publishing to SharePoint
Chapter 11............................................345
Publishing to SharePoint................................345
After you design your Microsoft Excel reports based on Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot
for Excel, you can publish them to Microsoft SharePoint and share them with other people in
your company using just a Web browser. Once published, the PivotTables are still interactive
and you can schedule PowerPivot data to be automatically refreshed. In this chapter, you
see what features are available to publish your workbooks to SharePoint without your
depending on the IT department. However, the installation of SharePoint and its
maintenance (there is some administrative effort required, even if just for security policies) is still
the responsibility of the IT department, and it is not covered in this topic. In this chapter, we
assume you already have access to a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 server that has PowerPivot
for SharePoint already installed.
SharePoint 2010 and PowerPivot Integration
SharePoint 2010 is a platform that makes it easier for people to work together; it offers a set
of services for sharing information, managing workflows, publishing reports, and so on. You
can save your Microsoft Office files to a SharePoint site and, most important, you can publish
an Excel workbook on SharePoint, which means that the workbook is shown as a Web page
that can be read using just a Web browser. The service that allows this publishing is called
Excel Services and is included in SharePoint 2010. Your IT department can add PowerPivot
for SharePoint to a SharePoint 2010 installation. With that installed, you can also publish
Excel workbooks that contain PowerPivot data.
Licensing for PowerPivot for SharePoint
SharePoint 2010 requires an Enterprise Client Access License to use Excel Services.
PowerPivot for SharePoint also requires a license for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Enterprise Edition or higher.
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