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PowerPivot Gallery
A better option for storing workbooks based on PowerPivot data is to use a particular type of
document library known as the PowerPivot Gallery. You can create many PowerPivot Gallery
libraries, but at least one default PowerPivot Gallery (with this same name) is usually available
by default. This type of document library shows a preview of each of the visible worksheets
of a published Excel workbook. This preview service is available regardless the presence of
PowerPivot data in the published workbook: it works on any Excel workbook. The preview is
available in three different views:
Gallery view
Theater view
Carousel view
In Figure 11-4, you can see the Gallery view, in which each workbook has a horizontal
band with a big picture of the worksheet that has been selected; you can also see a
smaller preview for every other worksheet of the workbook.
FIguRE 11-4 The PowerPivot Gallery in default Gallery view.
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