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In Figure 11-5, you can see the Theater view, which shows in the lower pane a horizontal
scrollable list of the previews of all the worksheets of all the workbooks in the document
library. You can see in the central pane a bigger picture of the worksheet that you selected
in the lower pane. The name of the workbook that the selected worksheet belongs to is
displayed on the left of the list of worksheets.
FIguRE 11-5 The PowerPivot Gallery in Theater view.
Finally, Figure 11-6 shows the Carousel view, which is similar to the Theater view in having
a single scrollable list of all the worksheets of all the published workbooks, but it also uses a
three-dimensional effect to scroll and present the worksheet previews.
The PowerPivot Gallery does not execute the workbooks while you are browsing the list
through one of the available views. A background process opens the workbooks and
gets a snapshot of every worksheet so that the preview can be made using ready-to-use
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