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FIguRE 11-6 The PowerPivot Gallery in Carousel view.
Note Only Excel files can be previewed in a PowerPivot Gallery. Other file types are not
supported. If you try to view other kinds of files in the PowerPivot Gallery, you see an image with
an indicator that the preview is not supported instead.
All the views available in a PowerPivot Gallery allow you to view the selected worksheet in
the browser by simply clicking on it, just as you can do when you click the name of a file in a
standard document library, as you saw in Figure 11-1.
Publishing an Excel Workbook
You can publish an Excel Workbook in several ways. As you will see, publishing a workbook by
using the specific feature available in Excel is the most powerful and flexible option. However,
you can also publish a document without even opening Excel, which might be useful in
particular circumstances.
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