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When you are in a PowerPivot Gallery or in a standard document library in SharePoint, you
can upload an Excel workbook by using the Upload Document command available on the
Documents tab of the Library Tools contextual tab of the SharePoint ribbon, which is
highlighted in Figure 11-7.
FIguRE 11-7 Upload Document command on the Documents tab of the Library Tools contextual tab.
Note When you upload an Excel workbook in a PowerPivot Gallery, its preview is available in
the gallery after a few seconds or minutes, depending on the current workload on the server.
When you use this procedure, you usually publish all the worksheets of the workbook. If you
want to publish only some parts of the workbook, you have to modify the Publish Options of
the document from within Excel. These options are available as part of the Save To SharePoint
command, a pane that you can see in Figure 11-8. You find these options by selecting Save &
Send on the File menu and then by clicking Save To SharePoint. The Publish Options button in
this pane is highlighted in the figure.
FIguRE 11-8 Public Options button in the Save To SharePoint pane.
The Publish Options dialog box (shown in Figure 11-9) has two tabs, Show and Parameters.
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