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FIguRE 11-9 The Show tab of the Publish Options dialog box.
The Parameters Tab in the Publish Options Dialog Box
The Parameters tab allows you to select what parameters to make available to the user
in the Web browser. A parameter is a named range corresponding to a single cell of the
workbook, which is usually used in other Excel calculations. For example, imagine a loan
amortization table that is calculated on a base interest rate. You might want to give to
the user the option to change this interest rate in the Web browser, showing the updated
table without the user needing to open the workbook in Excel. This is not a feature
directly related to PowerPivot, but it can be used as part of the calculation made in
a dashboard that is published to SharePoint.
The Show tab allows you to select the parts of the workbook you want to publish after the
document is opened into SharePoint. You can choose among these:
Entire Workbook This is the default for any new document. Each of the worksheets of the
Excel workbook is shown as a worksheet when displayed inside the browser by SharePoint.
Sheets Using this option, you can choose the worksheets that you want users to see after
SharePoint displays the workbook in the browser. The default selection is All Sheets (which
corresponds to the Entire Workbook option), but you can choose to make visible or
invisible every single worksheet. You have to choose at least one worksheet to be visible.
Items in the Workbook This option allows you to select only a few items of the
workbook, such as a selection of Tables, Charts, Named Ranges, and so on. PivotTables and
PivotCharts are also items that you can publish.
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