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Whenever you choose to publish Entire Workbook or a selection of Sheets, you see in the Web
browser the same arrangement of columns, rows, and worksheets that you are used to seeing
in Excel, as you already saw in Figure 11-2 and Figure 11-3. However, choosing to publish
any number of Items In The Workbook produces a different result, removing the display of
columns, rows, and worksheets. In this case, you can see only one item in the Web browser,
and you can choose to change the item you are displaying by using the View combo box to
select the item you want, as you can see in Figure 11-10.
Tip Be sure to give a meaningful name to each item in the Excel workbook because meaningful
names help you select what items to publish and to show. The default names generated by Excel are
not so helpful whenever you want to publish more than one item of the same type in a workbook.
FIguRE 11-10 The View combo box lets you select the item to display.
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