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In Figure 11-11, you can see the Open menu that is available in a standard document library
in SharePoint.
FIguRE 11-11 The Manage PowerPivot Data Refresh command in the Open menu for an Excel document.
The Manage PowerPivot Data Refresh command call opens a configuration window like
the one that you see later, in Figure 11-13. This same configuration window can be opened
by clicking the Manage Data Refresh button in the PowerPivot Gallery. These buttons are
highlighted in Figure 11-12.
FIguRE 11-12 The Manage Data Refresh buttons in the PowerPivot Gallery.
The Data Refresh operation is not enabled by default in a workbook published to SharePoint. The
first check box you have in the configuration window, shown in Figure 11-13, is just this
setting, which must be enabled to schedule an automatic refresh of PivotTable tables contained
in the workbook.
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