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FIguRE 11-13 Data Refresh configuration.
The Schedule Details section controls the time interval of data refresh operations. You can also
choose the Also Refresh As Soon As Possible check box if you want an immediate data refresh
of PowerPivot tables. What immediate means is explained in the Earliest Start Time section of
the configuration window; this section defines the time you have to wait before an immediate
operation starts.
The E-mail Notifications section simply defines users who have to receive automated e-mail
from SharePoint every time a data refresh is completed (with or without errors).
The most important section is Credentials. This is the definition of the credentials that you
need to connect to the data source for PowerPivot tables. You have to pay attention to this
setting because when you created the PowerPivot tables, you probably used your own user
credentials to connect with data sources, but this might not be possible any longer when the
refresh is automatically made by the server. Let us take a look at the options available.
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