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Use the data refresh account configured by administrator When this setting, which
is the default, is selected, the connection to data sources is made by using a user
defined by SharePoint system administrators. It is called the PowerPivot Unattended
Data Refresh Account, and you have to ask your IT department whether or not this
user is able to connect to your data source. Usually, this account can be used just to
connect to data sources that do not run the Windows operating system but have their
own authentication system.
Connect using the following Windows user credentials This setting allows you to
specify a user name and a password for users to connect to the data source. In theory,
you might use your own credentials to connect to the data sources you used to build
the PowerPivot model because it should be an account with sufficient rights to do that.
However, we do not suggest that you use your own credentials here. It would be better
to use a dedicated account provided by your system administrators that has rights of
access only to data sources used by the Excel workbook.
Connect using the credentials stored in Secure Store Services You have to use this
setting whenever your system administrator provides you with a Secure Store ID. This
allows you to enable users to access required data without a password. The
infrastructure required to use this service has to be configured by your system administrators
and is not discussed in this topic.
In the lowest part of Figure 11-13, you can choose, for each of the data sources of your
PowerPivot model, whether to use the default settings you defined in the previous section
of the configuration window or to use a custom schedule or system credential, as you can
see in Figure 11-14.
FIguRE 11-14 Data Refresh configuration.
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