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You can disable the refresh of a single data source by clearing the corresponding check box,
which you can see in Figure 11-14.
After you confirm your settings, the next time you call Manage Data Refresh, you see a Data
Refresh History page, like the one shown in Figure 11-15.
FIguRE 11-15 Data Refresh History.
The Data Refresh History page shows the state of the last refresh operations and, in case of
errors, you also see more details about the reason for each error. By clicking the Configure
Schedule link (which is highlighted in Figure 11-15), you return to the Manage Data Refresh
page that you saw in Figure 11-13.
In this chapter, you saw how to publish an Excel workbook to SharePoint, how to use
the PowerPivot Gallery feature, and how to schedule an automatic data refresh of
PowerPivot tables.
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