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When you choose the number format you want (in this case, we have selected a number
format with a thousand separator and no decimal places), the PivotTable resizes all the columns
automatically, as you can see in Figure 2-6.
FIguRE 2-6 The PivotTable correctly resized.
This procedure applies number formatting to the current PivotTable only. If the same column is
used somewhere else in other PivotTables, your choice in this PivotTable does not affect them.
Please note that, if you change the measure shown, you must repeat the procedure to
determine the number format of the new column used.
Hiding or Removing Useless Columns
In the process of making the report more user-friendly, you can now focus on another small
problem: the PowerPivot Field List (see Figure 2-7), from which you choose values to put on
rows and columns, shows all the columns of all the PowerPivot tables. You see a large set of
columns, many of which are not really useful.
FIguRE 2-7 The field selector.
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