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FIguRE 2-8 Hide and unhide columns.
Note As you might have noted, there is no option that allows you to hide a full table. The
PowerPivot Field List hides a table if all of its columns are hidden in the PivotTable. Even if hiding a
table might seems useless at this point, later on you will discover several data models that contain
not only technical columns but technical tables too. For those models, the option to completely hide
a table is useful because it lets you hide the complexity of the model when you are browsing data.
After you have hidden technical columns, you still need to delete the useless ones, which are,
in our example, the two columns rowguid and ModiiedDate. To do that, you need to select
the column in the PowerPivot window and click the Delete button on the Design tab of the
ribbon. After you click it, a confirmation message box appears, like the one in Figure 2-9.
FIguRE 2-9 When you delete columns, PowerPivot raises a message box.
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