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When you delete a column, it is no longer available for any tasks inside PowerPivot. You can
still add it back later, if you edit table properties, but this effort requires that you reload the
table, which, for large tables, might be a long process.
You should consider the task to hide and delete technical and useless columns as both a
cosmetic and operational change in the PowerPivot functionality. It has some very good
impact on the usability of PowerPivot, because fewer columns are available for selection.
Moreover, the size of the Excel file is reduced by removing useless data from the tables,
speeding up all the operations.
After the cleaning of these columns, the field selector, shown in Figure 2-10, looks much
better and user friendly.
FIguRE 2-10 The field selector with fewer columns.
Adding Calculated Columns
Now that you have hidden or deleted unwanted columns, you can continue the work to make
the report easier to use and read. You might notice that there are some fields that have a
technical meaning and are not easy to understand at a first glance. The OnlineOrderFlag, for example,
is one of them. OnlineOrderFlag is a TRUE/FALSE value and, even if it is pretty understandable
by itself, it does not look very nice if used in reports. Take a look, for example, at the report in
Figure 2-11, where we simply removed the OnlineOrderFlag from the filter of the report and
added it to the rows.
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