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using Slicers
So far, we have looked at PowerPivot features. Now we would like to end this chapter by
discussing a standard Excel feature that is very useful when you are working with PowerPivot.
Excel 2010 can add slicers to a PivotTable. Although slicers have been introduced mainly for
PivotTables linked to PowerPivot data, they are a feature with range: you can define slicers
for PivotTables linked to Analysis Services databases or simple PivotTables linked to data in the
same Excel workbook. Because slicers are so useful for reports, it is surely worth mentioning
them in a PowerPivot topic.
Slicers are graphical items that let the user easily define filters on a PivotTable. Take a look at
the report in Figure 2-34, which contains a PivotTable and a couple of slicers. You can find this
example in the workbook CH02-06-Slicers.xlsx.
FIguRE 2-34 Slicers are graphical items that perform one-click filtering.
The two slicers on the left show all the possible values of the Color and Category columns.
You can click a single cell and activate a filter for a specific value or press the Ctrl key and
click to activate the filter for multiple values. Slicers are clearly useful when a column
contains a small number of different values, such as color and category. Slicers for columns
that have a lot of different possible values are difficult to use. Nevertheless, because the
filtering normally happens on columns with a small number of distinct values, slicers are
graphically appealing and very easy to use.
Slicers behave exactly like filters, but they are more elegant and easier to use. It is worth
noting, moreover, that slicers can show columns that already appear in the PivotTable, as is
the case in our example for the category column. We put the category on rows, in the first
place, and then put the category on the slicers. The same column can appear in slicers and
in the report. This is a feature that standard filters of a PivotTable do not support.
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