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Moreover, slicers have another significant difference with filters: whereas filters apply to a
single PivotTable (they are, after all, part of the query sent to the data source), slicers can
be tied to more than one PivotTable, filtering them all with a single click. Let us look at the
report in Figure 2-35.
FIguRE 2-35 Slicers can be tied to more than one PivotTable, creating interactive reports.
The upper PivotTable shows the number of items sold over time, whereas the lower one shows
a detail of the year 2004 and displays the money value of sales. It would be nice to be able to
link the slicer to both PivotTables so that we produce an interactive report in which you can
select color and category and update both PivotTables quickly.
To link a slicer to more than one PivotTable, you can move the cursor inside the PivotTable
you want to link to a slicer and then choose the Slicer Connections option from the Insert
Slicer button on the Options tab of the Excel ribbon. The dialog box in Figure 2-36 appears.
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