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FIguRE 4-3 The Product table contains interesting values for ProductModelID.
Looking back at the first worksheet (see Figure 4-1), she discovers that the product model
with a ProductModelID that equals 6 is indeed HL Road Frame , which happens to be the
product model of the HL Road—Red, 58 product. The column ProductModelID in the table
of products is actually the value of the ProductModelID in the product models table. To
attach the product model description to the product table, it is enough to use a simple
VLOOKUP function.
Michelle adds the column name ProductModel just after ProductModelID with this formula:
=VLOOKUP([@ProductModelID],Table_PowerPivot_SQL2008R2_AdventureWorks[#All], 2)
Now in Figure 4-4, she proudly looks at a more useful worksheet.
FIguRE 4-4 Both products and models in the same worksheet.
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