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Deleting rows or columns
Deleting rows or columns
Rows and columns serve definite purposes in worksheets, so
there might be times when you no longer need to use a
particular row or column. Whether you placed an extra column to
add some white space between the main body of data and a
summary calculation or a row holds the contact information of
a customer who asked to be removed from your list, you can
delete the row or column quickly and easily.
Delete rows or columns
1 Select the rows or columns that you want to delete.
2 Right-click a header in the selection, and choose Delete from the
shortcut menu.
CAUTIoN Formulas that reference cells in the columns or
rows that you delete will no longer work. The Error action tells
you that there is an Invalid Cell Reference Error and gives you options
to fix the problem. #REF! appears in the damaged cell.
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