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Changing how you look at Excel workbooks
Changing how you look at Excel workbooks
When you’re examining your Excel data to make a business
decision, you might need to look at data from more than one
worksheet or even from more than one workbook. Hourly sales totals
can help determine when you need more staff on the floor, but
if you keep track of the number of customers in the store as well,
you might find that your great sales on Monday mornings come
from landscape architects loading up for the week. In that case,
you would be better off having your warehouse staff and not
your counter clerks show up to handle the load.
You can open more than one workbook at a time and arrange
them on the screen so that you can read data from both sources
at the same time. You can do something similar if you have
relevant data in two parts of the same worksheet. If you can’t
see everything you need to see, you can split the worksheet into
two or four units, all with independent scroll bars.
view different parts of one worksheet at the
same time
1 Click the cell where you want to split the worksheet.
2 Click the View tab.
3 In the Window group, click Split.
TIP To remove a worksheet split, click the View tab and then,
in the Window group, click Split.
TRY ThIS To split a worksheet into two regions instead of
four, click the first cell in the row or column where you want to
create the split.
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