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Changing how you look at Excel workbooks
view multiple workbooks at the same time
1 Open all the workbooks that you want to view.
2 Click the View tab.
3 Click Arrange All.
4 Select the option representing the target arrangement.
Click OK.
CAUTIoN All the workbooks will be arranged like this unless
you select the Windows Of Active Workbook check box, which
applies the arrangement only to the active workbook.
view multiple parts of a worksheet by
freezing panes
1 Click the cell below and to the right of where you want to freeze
the worksheet.
2 Click the View tab.
3 In the Window group, click Freeze Panes.
4 Click one of the following items:
a Freeze Panes, which keeps the cells above or to the left of the
current selection visible at all times
b Freeze Top Row, which keeps the top row visible at all times
c Freeze First Column, which keeps the leftmost column visible at
all times
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