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Creating simple cell formulas
Creating simple cell formulas
Building calculations in Excel is pretty straightforward. If you
want to find the sum of the values in two cells, you just type an
equal sign (=), the reference of the first cell, a plus sign (+), and
the reference of the second cell. The formula that you enter
appears on the formula bar, where you can examine and edit it.
Build a formula
1 Click the cell in which you want to enter a formula.
2 Type = .
3 Type the expression representing the calculation that you want to
4 Press Enter.
Edit a formula
1 Click the cell that you want to edit.
2 Select the part of the formula that you want to edit in the formula
3 Make any changes that you want.
4 Press Enter.
TRY ThIS Click the Excel Help button. Then, in the Excel Help
dialog box, type common formulas in the Search box, press
Enter, and click Examples Of Commonly Used Formulas in the list of
available topics. The Help file that appears has quite a few examples of
formulas that you might want to create.
CAUTIoN Be sure that there’s no space before the equal sign
in your formula. If there is, Excel interprets the cell’s contents as
text, not as a formula.
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