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Assigning names to groups of cells
Assigning names to groups of cells
When you work with large amounts of data, it’s easy to lose
track of which cells contain which data. In addition, it can be
difficult to locate data in workbooks that you didn’t create.
Although you might always store product prices in one
worksheet column, there’s no guarantee that your colleagues will
follow the same pattern! One way to prevent confusion is to
define a named range for any cell group that holds specific
information. For example, in a worksheet with customer order
data, you can define the Totals named range to represent the
cells in which the total for each order is stored. After you define
the named range, you can display its contents, rename it, or
delete it.
Create a named range
1 Select the cells that you want to name.
2 Click the Name Box on the formula bar.
3 Type the name that you want for the range.
Press Enter.
Go to a named range
1 Click the Name Box down arrow.
2 Click the range to which you want to go.
SEE ALSo For information about selecting cells from several
parts of the same worksheet, see “Select a noncontiguous group
of cells” on page 40.
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