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Exploring the Excel function library
Exploring the Excel function library
You can create dozens of different functions in Excel. You can
use Excel functions to determine mortgage payments, perform
scientific calculations, or find the square root of a number. The
best way to become familiar with the formulas available in Excel
is to display the Insert Function dialog box and move through
the listed functions, clicking the ones that look interesting.
When you click a function, its description appears at the bottom
of the dialog box.
Another way to get information about a function is to view the
ScreenTip that appears next to the function. If you double-click
a cell with a function, a ScreenTip with the function’s structure
and expected values appears below it. Clicking an element of
the structure points to the cell or cells providing that value.
List functions available from the Excel library
1 Click the Insert Function button on the formula bar.
2 Display the drop-down list, and click the function category that you
want to view.
3 Click the function that you want to examine.
4 Click OK.
5 Click Cancel to close the Function Arguments dialog box.
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