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Section 7: Formatting the cell
Formatting the cell 7
In this section:
Microsoft Excel 2013 helps you manage large quantities of data with
Formatting cells and cell contents
ease. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by changing how the
program displays the data in your worksheet. For example, you can easily
change the size of characters displayed in a cell, add color to emphasize
important cells, or change the orientation of text within a cell. Excel 2013
also enables you to change a cell’s formatting based on the contents of
the cell by creating conditional formats, including color scales, data bars,
and icon sets.
Adding cell backgrounds and
formatting cell borders
Defining cell styles
Aligning and orienting cell contents
Applying conditional formatting
Displaying data bars, icon sets, or color
scales based on cell values
Copying formats with format painter
Merging or splitting cells or data
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