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Formatting cell contents
Formatting cell contents
Some cells have values that need to stand out. Whether the
value is a grand total for a year’s sales or a label that lets your
colleagues know that data they enter in the worksheet must be
within certain limits, you can change the font used to display
the data; make the text larger or smaller; or make the text
appear bold, italicized, or underlined. You can apply these
settings by using the controls on the Home tab of the ribbon or on
the mini toolbar.
Change font and font size
1 Select the cells that you want to format.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Font down arrow.
4 Click the font that you want.
5 Click the Font Size down arrow.
6 Click the font size that you want.
TIP You can display the Format Cells dialog box, which
contains a wider range of cell formatting controls, by selecting
a group of cells, right-clicking any selected cell, and choosing Format
Cells. You can also display the Format Cells dialog box by clicking the
Font group’s dialog box launcher.
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