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Adding cell backgrounds and shading
Adding cell backgrounds and shading
Sometimes creating or applying a workbook theme is too much
work. If all you want to do is highlight the value in a cell by
changing the cell’s background to red, you don’t need to go to
the trouble of finding the theme that includes red as one of its
colors. Instead, you can simply change the background color
of cells to make those cells stand out. However, be sure there’s
enough contrast between the background and text colors. Very
little is worse than having to squint at the monitor to read text
that blends in with the background color.
Add background color
1 Select the cells that you want to change.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 In the Font group, click the Fill Color down arrow.
Select the background color that you want.
TIP After you apply a color, the Fill Color button changes to
reflect your most recent choice. Clicking the button, rather than
the down arrow at the right edge of the button, applies the previous
choice to the active selection.
TRY ThIS In Excel 2013, hover your mouse pointer over a
color to see a live preview of how your worksheet will appear if
that color is applied.
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