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Modifying and deleting cell styles
Modifying and deleting cell styles
Excel 2013 includes a wide range of styles that you can use
to format your cell contents quickly. If you want to define a
heading, emphasize data, or highlight explanatory text, you
can probably find a style that works. If one of the built-in cell
styles is close to the formatting that you want to apply to a cell,
you can modify an existing style instead of creating a new one.
Later, if you decide you no longer need a custom style, you can
always delete it.
Modify a style
1 Click the Home tab.
2 In the Styles group on the ribbon, click Cell Styles.
3 Right-click the style that you want to modify.
4 Click Modify.
5 Click Format.
6 Specify the formatting that you want.
7 Click OK twice.
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