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Displaying data bar and icon set formats
Displaying data bar and icon set formats
Organizations of all kinds track their performance data in
Microsoft Excel. The specific numbers are important, of course, but
it’s also important that you be able to tell how the numbers
relate to each other and whether your department is meeting
its performance goals. Data bars show how the data in a cell
compares to other data in a selected range. The higher a value
is in relation to the other values in the range, the longer the
data bar. Icon sets, by contrast, test a value to see whether it is
in the top, middle, or bottom third of the values in the range.
You can change the tests to determine which icon or color is
shown when.
Display data bars
1 Select the cells that contain your data.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 In the Styles group on the ribbon, click Conditional Formatting.
4 Point to Data Bars.
5 Click the data bar option that you want to apply.
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