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Displaying color scales based on cell values
Displaying color scales based on cell values
Color scales compare the relative magnitude of values in a cell
range by applying colors from a two-color or three-color set
to your cells. The intensity of a cell’s color reflects the value’s
tendency toward the top or bottom of the values in the range.
Applying two-color color scales, using colors such as white and
red, to a cell range is a terrific way to create an easy-to-interpret
visual map of your data.
Display color scales
1 Select the cells that contain your data.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 In the Styles group on the ribbon, click Conditional Formatting.
4 Point to Color Scales.
5 Click the color scale pattern that you want to apply.
TIP When you click Data Bars, Icon Sets, or Color Scales, you
see an item named More Rules at the bottom of the gallery of
built-in formats. Clicking More Rules displays a dialog box that you can
use to control a format’s details.
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