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Coloring sheet tabs
Coloring sheet tabs
A great way to make any worksheet element stand out is to
change it to a color that contrasts with the other colors used in
the worksheet. In Excel 2013, you can change the color of sheet
tabs. For example, you can change the color of a sheet tab in a
workbook in which you track sales for a year with a worksheet
for each month. Rather than move the current worksheet to the
front of the list, which would put the worksheets out of order,
you can change the color of the sheet tab to make it stand out.
When the month ends, you can remove the color from that
sheet tab and apply it to the next month’s sheet tab.
Color a sheet tab
1 Click the sheet tab that you want to color.
2 Right-click the selection, and point to Tab Color on the shortcut
3 Click the color that you want.
TIP If you select a sheet tab color from the Theme Colors
section of the color palette, changing your workbook’s theme
will change your sheet tabs’ colors.
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