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Changing a worksheet’s gridlines
Changing a worksheet’s gridlines
Gridlines are the lines on your worksheets that define the cells
formed by the intersections of rows and columns. The default
gridline color is gray, but not all worksheets work well with this
standard setting. Sometimes you’ll want to change the color of
the cell gridlines or even turn them off. Excel 2013 also makes it
easier than previous editions to control whether your gridlines
appear when you print a worksheet.
Change the color of cell gridlines
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
3 Click Advanced.
4 Click the Display Options For This Worksheet down arrow.
5 Select the worksheet, or workbook, to which you want to apply the
6 Click the Gridline Color button.
7 Select the color that you want to use for the gridlines.
8 Click OK.
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